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Vlogs = video blogs

Sometimes text isn't enough to communicate effectively. Vlogs are one way to tell a story or get a point across, in a way that is sharable and engaging for humans wishing to connect with each other.

A vlog...

  1. is a talking head that shows personality.
  2. utilizes video editing to condense the message, including jump cuts and non-linear structuring.
  3. can include, text, b-roll, photographs, or other media to make a more dynamic message.

Vlogs can be quick ways to get your thoughts 'on paper' from an experience you've had. They are most effective when the subject matter is personal, opinionated, passionate, or very connected to the human spirit.

imageWhen making vlogs, remember...

  1. that vlogs are visual, so take care to set up your background, lighting, and sound.
  2. to film as you're thinking. You're welcome to pre-meditate what to record, but this is one way to make sure your vlog is organic, reflective of your personality, and very human indeed.
  3. your audience. Who are you making this for? Talk to them, and even consider signing off in your vlog with a question for that audience.

For a step-by-step explanation of how to record a vlog, visit this tutorial.

Use the Spot tag 'vlog' when making these video blogs of yourself.

    Nick Martino 2316 days ago

    You are a geek, big one, but I love this and it was very helpful. 

  • Lindsay Clark (Banned)
    Lindsay Clark 2288 days ago

    Thanks, Nick Martino. I hope students who have never thought of this genre consider if this is a good way for them to process the world and demonstrate their learning :)