Hiroshima Art Museum Reflection

  • Grant Stenger (Banned)
    Grant Stenger 2354 days ago

    Great podcast Madeline. Definitely hit all the criteria in terms of showing "connections and contrasts" and you very well related this back to the principles of Japanese aesthetic. While you didn't quite look into what we can tell about specific cultures at this moment in time, you did a wonderful job describing the works themselves. I didn't know originally which Monnet you were talking about, but when you began describing his incredible use of color and the scenery, I was immediately drawn right back to the moment when I stood right in front of it. By doing this, we could then analysis this painting together as opposed to you describing this arbitrary work of art. Lastly, you did quite well with using art-related-vocabulary (i.e. soft lines, negative space, etc.) Wonderful job Madeline.