Bhutan's quest for happiness - a student exhibition

Lindsay Clark (Banned)

By Lindsay Clark 2715 days ago
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From the 7th to the 17th of January 2013, the students and faculty of THINK Global School embarked on a journey to the “Last Shangri-La,” or the country of Bhutan. Nestled in between China and India, its mystic mountains and meandering rivers are the perfect backdrop to its rich, Buddhist culture. It is the birthplace of GNH, or Gross National Happiness; a government system that does not measure success through economic growth, but through happiness.

Armed with their handy “media kits,” which included an iPhone, a notebook, and a pencil, the school set off to understand this relatively hidden culture. They divided themselves into groups to study one of the four pillars of GNH: Good Governance, Sustainable Economic Development, Culture Heritage and National Identity, and Environmental Conservation. Talking to governors, trekking through mountains, and getting as many interviews and information about the four topics as possible, for ten days, THINK Global School delved into the heart of Bhutan to understand its complexity. What you see before you are the creative results and hard work of these travels. -Yada P., Class of 2014