newMedia Portfolio Rubric

Lindsay Clark (Banned)
By Lindsay Clark 3034 days ago

Aims of the newMedia Lab = GRAB Challenges

G: To explore your own concept of global citizenship

R: To be reflective thinkers, understanding your own strengths and limitations, identifying goals and strategizing for personal growth

A: To be aware of your communities and actively respond to your responsibilities towards each other and the environment

B: To be balanced and take part in a range of intellectual, creative, and emotional experiences

C: To be willing to accept new challenges and acquire new skills

Note that your completed* portfolio will be assessed together at the end of the term.

*If you've completed more than 8 media tasks, choose which ones you'd like to be included in the portfolio (with a minimum 2 studies and 1 in-depth study)

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Explore global citizenship 

Student demonstrates an understanding of global citizenship. Student models the methods for acting as a globally aware citizen and approaches his/her actions using various methods. 


Reflective, introspective, and growing 

Student shows awareness of personal and academic challenges. Student strives to improve on challenges and always be BTB: Better Than Before. 


Aware and active in surroundings 

Student illustrates awareness of surroundings and actively responds to responsibilities toward others and their environment 



Student shows a willingness to engage in new and diverse experiences and investigate a range of concepts. 


Accept new challenges and skills 

Student identifies new challenges, accepts the responsibility for taking on a variety of challenges, and deals with problems that can arise. Student demonstrates an active pursuit of new skills introduced in lab and attempts to increase expertise in those areas.