Episode 1: Weekend Activity HW and Classwork through Wed of Next Week

Hey guys, 

Unfortunately it looks like you will be having another few classes without me. There is a podcast below that hopefully shares the following information! 

Thanks for posting in the forum! I have read each of your comments and will be adding one of my own shortly at the end.


  This weekend you are going to go into the field, I want you to create something from your travels that shows me you were engaged, and that you learned something, it can be anything that you want to document and share. Take photos, make videos, record your own thoughts, draw a picture and upload it ... whatever ... just make this weekend trip a learning experience, because honestly every moment of your life is one. 

Also -- as a group assignment I want you guys to make that audio/video file that has as many languages as we can get saying hello and we can ship that off to the world when it is complete. Should be pretty cool I think. 


In class:

Get in a group of 2 or 3 and follow the prompts and activities on the Prezi below. 

Activity 2: "Features of Culture" Worksheet 

Activity 3: Languages and Greetings 

As a class can we create some kind of Audio Podcast of File in GarageBand to say hello to the rest of the world from all of our spoken languages?

Could be a cool thing to tweet out from our class to the world. If you want to go further and include some INDUS students and other TGS students that would be awesome too! Let's get as many languages as we can!