Production is the time period and process when you create the footage for your video.


For a quality production process, you need:

  • effective pre-production planning completed
  • synergy and communication amongst your crew
  • knowledge of shooting techniques/angles that you apply with intention

In the production stage, the shooter is a very important member of the crew. They create the footage with the excellent gear at their disposal, whether that be iPhone or the Canon Vixia. A good shooter will prioritize the A-roll footage, including the necessary audio to make a story, as well as gather ample amouts of B-roll to make a dynamic video.

In order to be a communicative crew member, it's important to share a common language about filming. If everyone has a different vision of how to capture footage, there will be a disconnect in the whole story. With a rocky production process, post-production editing becomes much harder. That's why it's convenient to know the same terms with which to better articulate your vision.

One way to speak the same language is to watch this video and be able to relate the name of the shot with what it looks like. That way when Fatima tells Sydney she needs an over-the-shoulder shot, Sydney isn't pointing a camera over her own shoulder at the wall behind her :)

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Another important focus during the production process is to think about how the shots transmit your story. This requires a little understanding of cinematic storytelling. Harness this skill and you will be a master filmmaker.

Once you've created all your footage, head now to the post-production stage...