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A blog isn't just a type of content on Spot. A blog has its own genre. According to the dazzling brains in the TGS student body, a blog is defined in content and format by the following points.

Content: what does a good blog say?

  1. It reflects on an event, experience, idea, or opinion.
  2. A blog post is less formal than academic writing.
  3. Bloggers write for a web-based audience.
  4. Blogs have a personal voice with a purpose. It's to express, not impress.
  5. It can include a diverse amount of media.

Format: what does a readable blog look like?

  1. It often involves more than just text.
  2. A blog post uses short paragraphs and sometimes headers for good skimming.
  3. If other media is involved–photos, videos, prezis, etc.–that placement should relate to the text.
  4. Hyperlinks to other work you're referring to help a reader get immersed in your blog.

Travel writing

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