Resolution Writing


  • What are we capable of doing to address the drivers/mitigators of conflict? 
  • What factors are driving or mitigating the conflict? 
  • Which driving and mitigating factors will we address? 
  • What interventions have already taken place? 
  • What were the results?


  • What are our resources, means, or sources of power? 
  • How is the conflict manifested? What are the stakeholders means and sources of power? 
  • What will influence the sources of power? 
  • What is our capacity to reduce dividers and increase local capacities for peace? 
  • How do we engage different sectors and stakeholders to foster human security? 
  • How do we engage local people to participate in peacebuilding efforts? 


  • Do we have the opportunity to respond quickly to a window of vulnerability or opportunity? 
  • Are historical patterns or cycles of conflict evident? 
  • What is the best timing for the intervention? 
  • What are potential triggers and trends for future scenarios? 
  • When is the conflict likely to change for the better or worse?