Forum Post 101

Forum Post 101

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You are required to make one post in this forum and respond to one classmates. The original post must include information from a professional, scholarly source. Cite the source in APA style (author’s last name, year of publication, page number) within the post, and include a complete bibliographic reference in APA style at the end of the post. Note: A web site can be cited (with a URL) but does not count as the outside article unless it is clearly an entire website that uses peer-review. A web site such as Wikipedia would not qualify because, while edited and vetted (to a degree), it is not a refereed source.

You can add your personal opinions in your original post, but try to back them up with scholarly articles and sources. The post should be approximately a page in length.

Your response post, should clearly show that you read and understand the original post. It could offer a critique and/or a follow up question to the post.

APA Citations: 

In text: (Calvo, 2004, 227)


Calvo, M.G. & Lang P.J. (2004). Gaze patterns when looking at emotional pictures: Motivationally biased attention. Motivation and Emotion, 28 221-243.