How do you record a radio show/round table discussion?

1. Connect the conference camera to power source and your computer via USB.

image2. Open Garage Band and open a "podcast" from the available templates that pop up after opening the program.

3. Save as whatever you would like to call it and wherever you can find it again. I like the Desktop first and then filing it later.

4. Go to the navigation at the top of the screen and click on Garage Band. Choose preferences, audio/midi (I believe), and make sure that the audio input chosen is the conference cam (also called logitech).

5. Make sure that the track you record on (whichever one is blue) has no effect, unless that's your goal. If you want to avoid your recorded voices sounding like Darth Vader or other non-humans, click on the (i) symbol at the bottom right of Garage Band. Notice that the right column has a list of effects to choose. Click the top one which is "no effects."

6. Make sure the conference camera is equidistant from the students/participants. Otherwise, one will be much louder than the others, and the audience will suffer ear injuries.

7. Identify potential white noise or distracting sounds (like chairs creaking) and do what you can to avoid the existence of those sounds. Put a note on the door, so no one disrupts your recording by coming in or making noise.


8. I find it's best to have the facilitator (often the teacher) uninvolved in the discussion, as it will be a richer discussion amongst students. In order to be present but not involved, avoid eye contact with the participants. They will try to interpret your look as approval, disapproval, verification, etc. If necessary, you might want to establish hand gestures or looks beforehand, such as the facilitator only pointing at distracting sounds or touching the ear if the speaker is too quiet.

9. To record the discussion, have your track selected (blue), and press the red dot that indicates recording. You hit the same red button to stop recording.

10. Save your recording after you are done by hitting Command + S. You can send your recording to iTunes by clicking "Share" in the top navigation and "Send podcast to iTunes."

I hope this 10-step process of creating your own radio shows or round table recordings is helpful. Please comment if you have questions, have tried this, or want to offer your advice!