Workshop: Working Efficiently on a Mac

 Some overall thoughts on Efficiency

  • Work habits don't happen instantly - you have to practice.  Whenever, I find myself doing something over and over, I always ask if there is a better, faster way and then I take time to research it and practice it.
  • Sacrifice time in the short time to save time in the long term
  • On a laptop, keyboard is your friend - ALL super fast laptops users make use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-tasking is a myth

 Some quick tips - TED Video:

Feel free to use this Word doc to practice some of the techniques below: Gettysburg Address

Mac Tips

  • CMD+K for hyperlinks
  • CMD+Tab, CMD+Q
  • Text Navigation:
    • CMD+arrows, OPT+arrows
    • Add Shift to above for fast select
  • Google Drive searching
    • Sync Google Docs files so they show up in Spotlight searches
    • Enable Offline viewing / editing
  • CMD+Space is your friend - try it!  Use it instead of dock / applications folder or for finding files
  • Using Spaces and Full Screen
    • Quick switching
      • Gesture: 4 Finger swipe
      • CRTL+arrow left/right
  • Close down what you're not using
  • Jeff tip:  Clutter-free desktop
  • Jeff tip: Tailor Favourites in Finder - remove folders you don't use
  • Jeff tip: Consistent lay out for windows - putting apps like Skype always in the same place makes it easier to find when needed
  • Advanced:  Consider Alfred
    • More advanced:  Consider Alfred full version for even more goodness, integrated clipboard history

Handy System tray applets

  • Spectacle (free) - quick window resizing
  • Skitch (free) - fast screenshots
  • Do It ($0.99) - stay on task
  • Cobook (free) - quick access to contacts
  • CopyClip (free) - retrieve anything you've previously copied / pasted.
  • ClipClean ($1.99) - removes any formatting from what is currently in the clipboard. Makes copy & paste from web to application much easier
  • FluidApp - Make apps out of webpages
  • Mac Secrets - tailor your Dock and other settings on your Mac
  • iA Writer - Distraction Free Writing
    • Advanced - Try Markdown for simple formatting options in Writer

Chrome Tips

Gmail Tips

  • Organizing the Inbox - making use of Priority Inbox
  • Yay for searching, Boo for filing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • ? - See help
    • Arrows to choose messages, u - back to listing
    • TAB+Enter - Send
    • C - New Message
    • _ - Mark as unread
    • / - Search