Workshop Notes: Document Management on the iPad

Questions to Think About

  • What is the iPad better than other devices for?
  • What benefit can the iPad bring in the classroom over other devices? 

Mike's Top 5 uses for iPad

  1. Reading: documents, blogs and news
  2. Reference: Wikipanion, World Atlas, IMDB
  3. Content Apps:  Video, podcasts, iTunes U
  4. 2nd screen
  5. Note taking

Quick iPad Tips

  • Group apps by verbs - see example.
  • Use Gmail for Mail on the iPad - better searching, multiple accounts
  • Consider Chrome for iPad - synced tabs and bookmarks 
  • Tailor notifications - so you're not annoyed by multiple devices
  • Swipe to switch apps - try it!
  • Try to go iPad only for a day
    • NOTE:  If you do, post a comment below and let us know how it went.  Would love to hear what worked out and what is still missing from the iPad experience for you.

Google Drive

Annotating Documents - iAnnotate PDF

  • Updating earlier recommendation: GoodReader -> iAnnotate PDF
    • Why?  GoodReader has TONS of options but many are not useful and it can make the app difficult to learn and use.  Also it doesn't really sync with Google Drive.  It only allows you to download and upload.  
  • iAnnotate is a paid app - available for TGS on Self Service
  • iAnnotate PDF
    • Easier to use
    • Syncs directly with Google Apps
    • Annotate more document types than PDFs (requires registering account)

What are your favourite / most useful iPad apps?