Choosing a Portfolio Platform: Revision

Choosing a Portfolio Platform

Last updated 1011 days ago by Lindsay Clark

1. Understanding Presentation Portfolios at TGS

If you need an in-depth explanation of presentation portfolios at TGS, feel free to read through the portfolio requirements document.

2. Exploring your options for platforms

If you understand what a Presentation Portfolio is, begin by opening any blog or website-building platform. Please keep in mind that I know Wordpress and Squarespace the best. If you choose a platform I don't have a lot of experience with, you might not find someone around you that can help you with any troubleshooting. Here's a graph showing the most popular platforms used amongst the TGS student body.

  1. Try Wordpress.com (NOT Wordpress.org)
  2. If you want options to choose from, also view Weebly, Wix, and SquareSpace. Keep in mind SquareSpace costs money. The rest are free.

3. Decide on a platform and a URL

Decide which platform you would like to use. This is easy for me to ask you to do but always hard for you to actually do. Here's why:

imageStrengths/Limitations of platforms: Each platform has its own strengths. I think Wordpress is best if you write a lot. It has some nice theme options, and if in the future you want to upgrade your site, it is easy. Most big websites use Wordpress (such as The New York Times... and THINK Global School). I think Squarespace is nice if you are very interested in design, have money to spend on it, and don't have the coding knowledge. The rest of you use Wix and Weebly because there's something about the layout and functionality that you like. I personally feel much of it can be accomplished on Wordpress, and Wordpress skills are more valuable than those for the other websites.

imageInvesting effort in one: It's often hard for you students to make a decision on a platform and stick to it. That's because you don't think your website truly reflects who you are, and it should. That's usually because you haven't dedicated enough time and energy to making it do just that. On more rare occasions, you've worked really hard to make it what you want, but the platform just doesn't fit your needs. That's when it makes sense to change platforms. If you continue to bounce around from Wordpress to Wix to SquareSpace and back, your portfolio will not look like something you've been building over time. It will look like a last minute effort.

Those are my two cents. Decide on one platform and create a URL (that's the web address at the top of the browser).