Setting up TGS Mail on your iPhone/iPad: Revision

These instructions explain how to properly set up full sync and push TGS email, contacts and calendar on your iPhone/iPad.  The process for the iPhone and iPad is almost identical except the screenshot may differ slightly.  For most of you, Jeff or I talked you through the process.  I'm posting this for future reference for new people joining us or if you ever have to configure it again.

Ok, let's get started!

Step 1 - Tap the Settings icon on your home screen.

Step 2 - Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, than Add Account...


Step 3 - Tap Microsoft Exchange (this is TOTALLY counter-intuitive, I know.  Don't blame me... :) but this is how you get full syncing and instant push email)


Step 3 - Enter your account details and tap Next.  This part may take a bit of time.


Step 4 - When the "Server" field appears, enter 'm.google.com' and enter your full TGS email address for "Username"


Step 5 - Tap done on the screen below and you're all set!  

Important note:  If you're prompted to keep or delete contacts / calendar entries, think carefully about what you want to do.  If ALL your contacts are in your TGS Gmail, then you can delete.  Otherwise, choose the "Keep" option.


If you have any problems or questions about these instructions, feel free to contact Jeff Tilson or I.