Ethnicity Overview: Revision

Ethnicity Overview

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ETHNICITY & Ethnic conflict


To Do 1: Reading Response  [1 hour]


Varshney, A. (1995). Ethnic conflict and rational choice. Cambridge, MA: Center for International Affairs, Harvard University.

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Supplementary Resources: 

Create a visually and academically interesting blog post tagged 'ethnicityintro' that demonstrates completion of:  

  1. Read and summarize the Introduction, 1.1
  2. Read 1.2 & 1.3 (p. 274-279) 
  3. Read and summarize one of the following sections (2.1, 2.22.3, 2.4), feel free to add personal insight and experience. 

If you have tagged your blog correctly it should show up on this Tag Dashboard, ethnicityintro

To Do 2: Ethnicity and Ethnic conflict forum post [1.5 hours] 

1. Using vocabulary from Peace and Conflict Glossary (below) and references to the resources above, draft a one-page response to one of writing prompts in this forum.

Due Friday, January 15. 

Miller, C. (2015). Peace and Conflict GlossaryUniversity of la Paz. Retrieved 30 December 2015, from https://www.upeace.org/pdf/glossaryv2.pdf

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To Do 3:  forum comment [30 minutes]

Comment on one other classmate's post in another thread of the forum.

Due Tuesday, January 19.

See you in Bosnia where we will collectively work to create Ethnic Conflict Situation Reports. 

(Past examples and here)