Video production: Revision

Digital video skills are in high demand today for people in a wide range of industries, and I like to think it's because we are remembering that as humans we are most impacted by stories, especially those of the multi-sensory, experiential kind. TGS classes also have a tendency to assess skills or content in a dynamic form, such as video.

Whether you are intending to make a vlog, an animation, or a feature-length motion picture, the best videos are a result of a thoughtful process. This process is so extensive and important that this animation giant stated:

Pixar movies are never finished, only released.

imageIt's time to master the art of video-making by breaking down the intimidating process into the following three stages:

1. Pre-production- the step before you use a camera (planning)

2. Production- the step when you have a camera in use (shooting)

3. Post-production - the step after you've finished with cameras (editing)

The visual to the right is a production process for a professional 3D animation, but you can tell that the three stages are roughly the same. Imagine the same process for a vlog or a live action narrative.

Note: inspiration does not have to find you while napping in bed...I say it finds you when you're working (actually Picasso said that, then I repeated him).