Present your work: Revision


Steve Jobs was a revolutionary.

He developed passion projects by utilizing his own creativity and skill and by thinking about their real world application.

He wanted to make a huge impact on the world.

And he did. He inspired people with his works of great significance, and he told people about these great works with the appropriate pomp.

In order to prepare your presentation of a personal project, consider the Steve Jobs approach to a product presentation. Don't forget the following points:

  • Set the theme
  • Provide the outline
  • Stick to the rule of 3
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm
  • Sell an experience
  • Make it visual
  • Give them a show

Use the following outline to prepare your presentation, and don't forget that your passion is the most important part of this presentation. Have fun with sharing your personal project to others, and start building your skills to present like a revolutionary.

If you're curious about his signature outfit for these presentations, read here about his inspiration from a visit to Japan.