Interesting writing: Revision

We lean into our circle of friends when someone has a story to tell. We grab a book off the shelves for the same reason. We are curious about what others have to say for a few reasons. I'm going to talk about one of those reasons.

We hope they say something interesting.

Interesting stories are what people like to read or hear. Don't we all want people to be interested in the stories we have to tell?

Of course we do.

We are humans, wanting to belong and connect with others. We want to say things of relevance and be listened to.

That's why we need to work on writing interestingly.

Find what's interesting

If you're hoping to find a topic to write about that others will find interesting, simply find what interests you! If you are truly interested in something, that passion comes through, and the reader can feel it.

Whether you have a prescribed topic to write about or complete freedom to choose, all you have to do is find the area of that topic that interests you most. If you're having trouble finding something interesting, follow these steps.

How to be interesting:
1. Get closer
2. Get deeper
3. Keep looking

Remember when you were a kid and you stared at a bug's wing for what seemed like hours? You were entranced! You found something truly interesting that caused you to ask deeper questions and long for more answers and information.

If you're writing about a period of time, take a step back and examine what you found most interesting and resonating from that time. What kept coming through in your writing or in your memory? Chances are if a moment or idea is lingering, there's something interesting in it.

Here's something to give you hope: A bore is equally interested in everything and cannot discriminate. And depressed people are interested in nothing.

If you're not a bore and not depressed, you've got this :)