Workshop Notes: Using Socrative: Revision

What is Socrative?

Socrative is a free classroom response system that runs on the web, iPhone and iPad, allowing teachers to do  realtime polling and quizzing of students.

Getting Started

Some Socrative resources:

Quick overview of features:

  • Live quizzing and polling in the classroom
  • Tip: Enable Images by filling out this form: https://socrative.com/plans/teacher-profile.php
  • Oral questions
    • MC / True or False
    • Short answer with results vote
  • Pre-made quizzes
    • Using a downloadable Excel template, you can build and import pre-made quizzes in Socrative
  • Quizzes are also shareable to/from other teachers
  • Space Races - groups of students compete to answer questions fastest

Example uses of Socrative

  • Quick levelling quiz at start of class - Entrance ticket
  • Quick recap at end of class - Exit ticket
  • Review previous class material
  • Practice: Students are given a problem to solve individually and results are tallied and discussed
  • Global Thinking Routines
  • Use in the park with iPhones!

How could you use Socrative in your classroom?

When using Socrative in the classroom, tag your Spot content related to this use with socrative.