weXplore is what sets apart THINK Global from every other school. Rather than after school diversions or “field trips” tangential to the academic curriculum, weXplore places the unique people, sights, and events located in and around our host cities at the core of the students’ learning experience.

Lessons begun in the classroom come alive as students reflect, analyze, question, compare, and articulate their responses to a challenging series of workshops, cultural exchanges, museum tours, and nature expeditions. These trips are planned in coordination with TGS faculty in every subject area in the curriculum, and designed according to the latest pedagogical research about effective experiential learning.

weXplore adventures also build teamwork and citizenship, as students depend on one another to solve problems and overcome obstacles.


This SPOT Group's goal is to consolidate the information, preparation, assignments, maps, activities, resources, and calenders of our weXplore activities so that students and staff can plan and share effectively and squeeze the juice out of every weXplore trip we have!

.....once we leave, that opportunity to explore has gone!