Veggie Living

This group has been created by me, the School Nurse, as a resource page for our TGS community. Here in Auckland we have an opportunity cook for ourselves on a regular basis. With this fun opportunity to expand our cooking knowledge we also have a growing responsibility to learn what our bodies need nutrition wise, especially for those of us with specific diets such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free!

Anyone and everyone is invited to join this group to contribute as well as learn something new. It's my belief that the line between vegetarians and meat eaters should not be such a firm line. I challenge meat eaters not to become "vegetarians", but to try new things that may or may not have meat. An important fact is that meat is not necessary in every meal, every day. This is a global sustainability issue, a green house effect issue, and a fact of human nutrition. When meat is no longer the focus of every meal, more creative meals can be made with nutritious vegetables and grains.

Check out our recipes tab, nutritional information, and photo album of meals made by our TGS community with a how-to component so they can be recreated. Enjoy!