SAMR PechaKucha

"For our CoETaIL visual literacy course we created a PechaKucha about the SAMR model using Google Earth and Google Apps as examples."

SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefiniton and is a model for looking at how technology can transform teaching and learning.  For more info, see this site for more info.

    Julie Lindsay 2441 days ago

    This relates directly to the material we were working through last year - Adopting, Adapting, Transforming. The SAMR model is getting a lot of traction now, and it is something we should be looking at and discussing as part of the bigger picture of 21C learning of course.

    BTW, the COETAIL course is one I recommended TGS look at as a possibility for staff development. It takes about 18 months and completes 1/2 a masters degree.