Apple Update

While the school was island hopping in the Galapagos, far from technology, there was lots going in the Apple world.  Here are some of the updates:

Latest version of iOS was released to the public

iOS is the software that powers your iPad and iPhone.  This latest version is iOS 5 and it is a major update.  There are tons of new features that you will love, over 200 in all.  Among many, my favourites are the new notification centre, iMessage, AirPlay (especially AirPlay mirroring) and the ability to take a picture without unlocking your phone.

To update:  plug your iPhone or iPad into your MacBook and you'll be prompted by iTunes to update.  The good news is that this is that last time you'll have to do this.  From now on, all updates will be done directly to your phone over Wifi or 3G!

iPhone 4GS was launched

This is the latest iPhone.  It has an updated camera (now with video image stablization, woot!), faster processor, memory, etc. etc.   All the extra power is needed to power Siri, the new digital personal assistant that only works on the iPhone 4GS.  Check out this demo:

iCloud was launched

iCloud is Apple's new service that will allow you to tie all your Apple devices together.  For example, the Photostream feature allows you to take a photo on your iPhone and have it automatically show up on your iPad and MacBook a few seconds later.  I've tried it.  It's super slick.  iCloud will all you to do the same with documents, settings and also allow you to backup your device without tether.  There will be alot more said about iCloud in the new future as other developers start building on top of it.  Read more about iCloud here.

New iPhoto and Mac OSX versions

Quietly released this week, these new version add iCloud support to your MacBook.  Also worth the update.  Click the Apple in the upper left corner of your MacBook and choose Software Update to ensure you're up to date.  If you haven't upgraded your MacBook to Lion already... what are you waiting for?  :)

Phew... did I get everything???

    Chulabhorn Pruksachatkun 3060 days ago

    Thanks Mike for sharing the updated info. I'm sure we've been staying hungry to learn technology :)

  • Ellie Tappe (Banned)
    Ellie Tappe 3060 days ago

    Everyone in the video is alone...the new features are great but if you are in an office, subway, airplane, with friends or just walking down the street, you have to have on headphones. I wonder what they will do to upgrade that one. :)

    Mike Hourahine 3059 days ago

    Ellie Tappe - I agree with that one.  I've always been skeptical of any kind of voice input for that reason.  I'm very curious to see how effective Siri is though because Apple tends to be relunctant to adopt a new paradigm unless they are doing something "magical".  :)  We'll see what that magic, if any, is here...