Honeymoon Phase in Auckland

So here I am at home. Looking over the neighborhood in 100 degree heat and the smell of bottle rockets and barbecues resonating from the backyards around me. 25 hours later I step out of the Auckland airport to an sub tropical terrain with a chilly breeze and the slight scent of the sea. The bus took me up and down hills unlike the flat prairies I have become accustomed to and the amount of small family owned businesses puts the amount of Starbucks to shame. Kiwis are running and biking along the sidewalks, and I should mention it is about 5:30 in the morning. Then we arrive at the hotel I have to looking at pictures of for months. What I saw hadn't changed, but the whole experience became heightened when the sight matched the scent, sound, and sensation of finally being here. Even though some locals had only been awake a few minutes, I am estatic to begin exploring, and this emotion carries me through the 20-hour day ahead. After unpacking my suitcase encompassing enough for the next few months I grabbed some friends and hit up Parnell- and by hit up I mean it was more like a nice stroll down a cafe invested brick road. Somehow we made it to Queen Street. Busy busses passed me, people in cuffed jeans drank coffees, and I could already feel a connection to the city I would now call "home" and the honeymoon phase was kicking in.image