Math and the Core Values

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THINK new core values. It is only fitting our new values originate from several languages and cultural backgrounds, but in all reality they actually 'feel' so much more like the overall goals we should be aiming for as a school.

But do they fit into everything we do? Guillermo proved that yes they do when we had a lesson specifically relating each value to math. I would have never thought about applying the same rules to math, but it helped us break down the words a little bit more and develop a better understanding of them. Until a new topic is brought to the table, I am going with the idea that yes these values to fit into everything we do.

Here are some examples from math...


-be understanding of others abilities

-be self conscious


-keep going

-it will be hard, but if you stop you will never improve


-do your best always

-find your own drive



-build a trusting environment in order to comfortably ask questions


-keep trying and it will be impossible to fail

-be aware of mistakes

-learn and be efficient

Qiú Zhu Yu

-seek answers and ask questions

-try new ways to reach the solution

-see how others handle it

-physics changes, math changes, but we have to be willing to find the change


-if you don't understand a topic, be honest

-only you will get hurt if you don't speak up

-understand our abilities


  • Guillermo Machado (Banned)
    Guillermo Machado 2145 days ago

    Hi Sydney, 

    A lovely reflection at the beginning, and then very clear comments on the values.. Well done here : )

    The only idea missing is this:


    Not only do these values apply to mathematics, but within the subject of mathematics and it's practice, we can increase all of our proficiency in these values... so it is a fruitful environment for the development of the whole person, if we make the best of the opportunity, and bring the whole of ourselves to the activity.

    Hope that makes sense?

    If you have any more thoughts about this topic, please go in and add a few more thoughts to your blog post.