GAFE Ontario Summit 2014

GAFE you say?  What is that?  GAFE = Google Apps for Education, which is what we all use on a daily basis when we use our TGS email, Drive, Calendar, Docs and more.  A GAFE Summit is a 2-day conference that is put on by a group called the EdTechTeam.  They offer them all over the world and throughout the year so I would strongly encourage everyone to try to get to one as some point.  You will come away with a great deal of practical advice you can put into practice immediately after.

This past weekend @jtilson and I attended the 2nd annual GAFE Ontario Summit 2014.  The conference was packed with tips, tricks and pedagogy for using Google tools for teaching and learning.  I've been using and administering Google Apps for Education for 5 years now and I still could spend a week following up on all the tools, resources, tip and ideas I heard over the two days.

Below are my general notes from Mindmeister.  There are plenty of links (wherever you see a image icon) you can follow to check out some the resources for yourself.

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

I have quite a few follow up ideas from the conference that I will share out with individuals or as individual posts but if anyone is intrigued and wants to explore a little deeper into anything you see, let me know!