November Art Exhibition

As our semester and time in India draw to a close, it is important to stop for a moment, take stock  and share all the beautiful things that we have created in the past 3 and a half months. This past Tuesday afternoon saw TGS and Indus celebrate through a collaborative Art Exhibition showcasing our students' recent work. 



The walls (and doors) of an open space were filled with drawings, paintings, photographs, video projections and sculptures of a high standard. Our honoured guest, Avani Rao Gandhara, owner and curator of Hyderabad's Icon Art gallery commented on how pleasantly surprised she was by the conceptual and visual maturity and quality of the work displayed. As an art teacher it is always a joy to see students' reactions to their work on display and the realisation that they made this beautiful thing; but by far and away my favourite part of an art show is observing my students talking about their artwork with their peers and others. 

I came fully expecting to see a level of technical excellence - what surprised me though was the variety of media and the amount of thought and imagination which must have gone into the work on display. -Mr Jenkinson (TGS)

It was really nice seeing my pieces up. I got a lot of unexpected compliments and I also had the chance to look and comment on the pieces of other's as well. -Paul (TGS)
There were many great work done by TGS and Indus. For me it was very memorable exhibition and I want it to see again... -Song Jun Ho (John) (Indus)


Standing in a pseudo underground art exhibition at school today made me value the influence that images hold to the viewer. Seeing the expressions on people's faces while closely looking at other students work and my own awoke an aspect of art that I believe is essential; communication. -Alejandro (TGS)

The art exhibition held at our school was a new experience for me especially since a few of my artworks were featured. Although I did not have much to talk about my work, I learned about how different individuals connected with art in dissimilar ways. I witnessed a lot of dynamic, creative art as I intermingled with the other presenters. I understood that through examining art, you understand the mind of the artist and the deeper you go, the more you understand that you yourself possess a perception that is unique yet somehow co-related on a whole new level.  – Prajim (Indus)


It felt nice to have work I was proud of up on the wall and see it. I am not very confident about my work, and it boosted my confidence to see it up there. It was interesting to see everyone's art work, especially the older kids because it showed me my potential as an artist. -Kiana (TGS)

It was awesome to see that every piece of artwork I submitted went up. It was also really interesting to see what the older kids are doing and what level we might end up in a couple years. -Grant (TGS)



I think it was pretty helpful to see the response from other people than my Art classmates because they do not know the work behind it and how I came to the conclusion of making the pieces so it makes me realize if my message is being portrayed well or if it gives a different idea. It also made me think about how I can display my work later on and seeing work from different people inspired me to explore different mediums. -Melissa (TGS)

Presenting my work in the exhibition furthered my concepts on my own creations. With pieces that I felt iffy about at the beginning, ended up being something that I was proud of. Talking about other works with the students and guests was also enjoyable. I wish that we could have had more integration time with the Indus students so we could appreciate and get inspired by each others work more often. -Isaac (TGS)

So impressive and so enjoyable to see the students so proud of their work. -Sarah Jones (TGS)





Special mention goes to TGS Grade 11 student, Hannah Cho who won the "Our Girls, Our Pride" photography competition for her image which captured the theme. Hannah's winning photograph shows a young Indian girl displaying her patriotism through face paint.


Art students from TGS and Indus should all be proud of the particularly lovely artwork they have recently created. I am grateful to my colleague at Indus, Ranjita Chakraborty, for her support and collaboration throughout the semester and I look forward to sharing more amazing student artwork in the future. 

  • Alun Cooper (Banned)
    Alun Cooper 2184 days ago

    Hi Lee Ann, this exhibition was better than the one in Boston and shows the continuous progress that the students are making.  The resson why they are manifesting more skill, creativity and focus is not because they are in a better facility with gretaer resources but rather because they are working in an environment where the teacher is helping one each individual person to explore their nacent creativity and desire to express their imagination.  Thank you for the exhibition, but also thank yu for the work that has underpinned this successful formative moment.