preXplore: #AshiKashmir

Pre-trip preparation

During a pre-trip tea time on Thursday, travelers will start by spending 5 minutes writing down what they anticipate seeing and experiencing in Srinagar, Kashmir. We will discuss what we know about Kashmir and how we know it.

Also during this time, students will download on their iPad readings and maps that might assist their exploration while in the place. They will get a chance to speak to many Kashmiris who feel passionate about their state’s independence and culture, so they should be as knowledgeable as possible in order to approach these conversations thoughtfully and come away more informed.

Some resources

A brief history of the Kashmir conflict by The Telegraph

A flash overview of the Kashmir conflict with maps by The Guardian

Peacebuilders demand end to conflict

An overview of Indo-Pakistan relations by the World Wide Walkers

Kashmir infographic by AlJeezera

News package on the Oct 2008 curfew (and clash in August by The Times of India)

Kashmiri women in the conflict by Aljeezera

Rob travels to Kashmir and explains his perception

Download all these and more, including maps and infographics 

Wrap-up expectations

Students will be expected to immerse themselves mentally with an aim of understanding the region’s conflict from their own point of view. Students will approach this conflict from many angles and reflecting individually and communally in order to communicate these perspectives to the world.

We will facilitate reflection time in various locations, and students can choose if and how they share their perspectives. We will pull these together on Spot with the tag #ashikashmir.

Opportunity to connect more with TOK

What’s the perception of the conflict from both sides and the international community? What’s the emotional drive from each side of the conflict? What’s the logic, and how do they put emotion into reason? How is language used from each side to articulate their own claim? (OR use the new TOK ways of knowing: intuition, imagination, faith, and memory)