Packing list for Srinagar culture trip

Hi Srinagar-bound TGSers!

I have created an open-ended packing list for the grand adventure on which we are about to embark. Hopefully along with the following information and your own research, you will be well-equipped with what you need physically and mentally.


The weather in Srinagar should be a little brisk and lovely. It's elevation is 1,585 m (5,200 ft), and it's in a valley between the Himalayan and the Karakoram mountains. Layers would be ideal for Friday, Sunday, and Monday, when we will be in nice warm sunshine during the day and chilly temps at night. The temperature could drop below freezing at night.

Pahalgam is the destination for Saturday night, and it's a village in the Himalayas where we will stay in a mountain gypsy home. Here are some of the weather forecasts (in both Farenheit and Celsius).


Don't over or under-estimate the temperatures; bring layers! Also remember that mountains mean strong sun exposure and brighter skies.


Clothes for 3 days of city (jeans, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, etc.)

Hiking clothes you can layer for warmth

Socks (some thick) and undergarments for all days

PJs and/or appropriate warm clothes for being in the houseboat at night/morning (no shoes in houseboat)

Shoes for walking in city and mountains in chilly weather (sneakers and/or hiking shoes)


iPad for reading material, if desired

iPhone for recording (phones may not work for calling or data, but you can have access in case of emergency)


Charger for iPhone/iPad and adapter

Additional camera, extra batteries/memory cards and charger, if desired


Sleeping bag/sleep sack (if you don't have, let me know asap)

Fleece/Rain jacket (bring whatever will provide you the warmest layering)

Warm hat

Hiking backpack and day bag for city

Head lamp


Micro-fiber towel/camping towel, if you have



What you need for showers - soap, etc.

What you need for daily hygiene - toothbrush, etc.

Keep in mind we might not have access to showers on the night of Saturday/morning of Sunday. Let this inform your packing, e.g. hair ties for French braids to keep that crazy hair tamed, etc.

Also keep in mind the activities we are doing and if you might need things such as Band-aids for blisters from your hiking shoes or bug spray in the evenings. Assume you need to rely on your own supplies for such things.

Communicate your needs

Please inform Lindsay/Guillermo as soon as possible if:

  • you are not prepared for below freezing temperatures with your clothing options
  • you take daily medications
  • you need to purchase anything before the trip, and you aren't on the mall trip
  • you have any worries about your ability to partake in any of our scheduled activities
  • you have any more questions that were not addressed in this list or the posted itinerary

Other details

Sunrise is around 7:00am. Sunset is around 5pm.

Roaming on phones. Data will supposedly work.

If phone issues, Lindsay can use the company’s SIM cards in case of emergency.