Spot To Do Updates

Often it's the little things that make a difference.  Over the past few weeks, we have released a number of tweaks and improvements to To Do's in Spot.  Here is a summary:

  • Ability to "drop out" of a todo that's been assigned to you accidentally
  • Ability for the todo creator to delete a submitter's submission allowing them to resubmit
  • Ability for a submitter to delete their own submission (up until 60 minutes after the initial submission), allowing the them to correct a mistake they have made
  • Ability for submitter to post a file previously submitted as a private todo submission to their own profile for other Spot users to see
  • Icon to indicate to todo creator whether a file has been submitted privately or through a link to a file on the submitters profile
  • Renamed 'Sign Up' button to 'Join this To Do' - allows users to add themselves to a to do they want to complete (e.g. for use in self directed learning situations)
  • Default sorting for todos is now Descending (i.e. latest todo is displayed first) for everything except To Do's assigned to me
  • Fix: To do status for a child's to do now displays correctly
  • Fix: Auto tagging of Spot content submissions now works when there is only one tag
  • Fix: Tabs and todo sorting in Parent Portal has been corrected.

NOTE: "Todo creator" generally is the teacher and the "submitter" is the student.