Battleship Overnight

My goal was to use this as a weXplore trip that would be beneficial to all students. For the IB history students in Mr. Cailey’s class who have been studying war strategies used in World War II, getting a chance to spend the night on board a Battleship that was involved in the Allied Island Hopping campaign would be a perfect opportunity. 

In Global Studies, this field trip will start our unit on American Identity. The students are looking at Americans as "Doers and Fighters," meaning they are determined and resilient in making change, whether it be medical, technological or through armed conflict. We have linked our PE for this unit and have allowed the 9th and 10th grade students to choose between either boxing or dance to deeper look into these ideals of persistence, determination, and resilience. 


This field trip started for the grade 9s and 10s at the USS Constitution museum, which was one of the first ships the US Navy had, and would end with visiting a World War II battleship. The students had the opportunity to board the ship and learn from an active duty Naval officer about what life was like in the 1800s on board a naval vessel. They also stepped into the shoes of congressman who debated whether or not the US should declare war against England.


They weighed the pros and cons through primary source documents and role played a congressional debate. Students Meli and Samhaoir role-played extremely emotional and concerned citizens contributing their understanding of the matter to the congressman. 

After a successful discussion and conversation with the museum's educational team, we boarded our bus and went to our second battleship of the day the USS Massachussetts. The students were all given this web page to conduct some preliminary research. 

Aboard "Big Mamie" the students learned knot-tying, damage control and experienced a question and answer session with one of the ships former crew members, a 91 year old veteran! 

image     image  

We also got to look at some of the weapons systems onboard the ship and deeper understand WWII battle strategies. The students were also discussing the correlation between this naval ship to the ones we currently have gearing up on the Korean peninsula. 

image image image image


  The students were asked to create a unique first person perspective on their experience with the United States Navy. Obviously, with our international student body the teachers of TGS were excited to see what the students created from this event. I hope you enjoy the work they have produced