Student artwork and process

In Art, Grade 9 and 10 students spent the first part of our semester in Boston considering what the artist’s role in society is and how they or their work can incite change. This unit of work entitled “Power and Persuasion” was framed by the life and art of Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, American artist Barbara Kruger’s text-based critique and commentary on consumer culture and the work of a variety of Pop artists who made use of appropriated imagery and text. Students explored the visual and conceptual implications of these artworks through discussion and analysis, finally creating their own original artworks inspired by the images, techniques or ideas encountered. 


Yuan Yuan's analysis of Ai's "Forever Bicycles"


 Cami's analysis of Kruger's "The innocent have nothing to fear"


Alejandro's "Chasqui"


                        image                   image         

             Fatima's visual response to Andy Warhol               Samhaoir's visual response to Claes Oldenburg


                                                                      Hannah's visual response to Ai Weiwei

            image              image  

                Paul's visual response to Ai Weiwei                              Melissa's visual response to Roy Lichtenstein



                                                                                    Hudson's "Wings"                        

Whilst in Washington DC, we had the opportunity to see “According to What?”, a large survey of Ai Weiwei’s work at the Hirshhorn Museum where Kruger’s “Belief + Doubt” was also installed. Seeing the work they had been studying first hand was a great experience for many of our art students and helped deepen their understanding of the artwork as well as the creative process.


As a culmination of the project students were given the theme “Consume, Consumer” to interpret and create an original artwork. Planning, developing and refining ideas are important parts of creating effective and meaningful artwork and students are required to record and present their process.  The quality of work produced was very high and the students all worked very well to create highly successful artwork throughout the project. 


Gawa's "Consume, consumer"



           image image image              

                                               Joseph's triptych "Consume consumers" 


   image         image    

    Yodsel's anamorphic drawing and evaluation               Liisa's "Nothing is infinite; Consumerism must stop"


   image      image                        

                                Isaac's planning and installation views for his 3 dimensional piece "Hangman"



Sydney's "Consumer"


Tiana's "It's in you, is it?"


Take a look at the Grade 9 and Grade 10 tag dashboards to follow the development of each student's ideas and for more great work. Stay tuned for the new unit of work "Telling Tales" focused on narrative painting.