Clark images at the Clark Gallery

Hey TGS,

From May 1st to June 2nd, I will be exhibiting some of my travel photography in a location that is very special to me. Not only will this be my first photography exhibition at a gallery, but the gallery is the Clark Gallery, in honor of my late grandfather Clark, whom I never had the chance to meet.

The Clark Gallery lives inside my town's focal point, the Honeywell Center. As I've told many of you, without the Honeywell Center, I wouldn't have known that other cultures and opportunities existed...and therefore wouldn't be here today.

This exhibition entitled "Far, Far Away" is a chance for some people in Wabash, Indiana to see destinations and people they otherwise might never see. Additionally, all the images were taken by people who claim Wabash as their hometown. The only other person sharing the space with me is my best friend's uncle who will be showing many images from Antarctica. Just amongst the two of us, our images will span all seven continents!

Embedded below is a Flickr set of the images I've selected thus far. My images will be displayed digitally on a TV screen in the gallery, which makes my selection and the cost of exhibition much easier as I work remotely. I'm also creating a printed catalog that will sit next to the TV with image thumbnails, a mini-map pointing to the location of the photo, and a QR code connecting to the back story of that image.

I'm interested in which images you like the most! Feel free to leave comments and give me direction of what I should include or exclude. Are you particularly curious about seeing image from any of these countries specifically?

    Simon Dobier 2691 days ago

    Wow Lindsay, these photos are STUNNING.  I tried to pick out my favourites but there are just too many.  They are absolutely gorgeous and brought so much pleasure to view.  All the best for your exhibition, thrilled for you that it is going to be at the Clark Gallery.  The people that come to view are in for a real treat. = Nicky

    Isaac Forsland 2691 days ago

    I love the contrasting colours in "Sunset off Isabela Island in the Galapagos"!
    "An Icy Landscape", "Fawn Thai" and "Store Near Rosenthaler Platz" are a few of my favorites.

    Pairat Pruksachatkun 2691 days ago

    Frankly, we like all these stunning photos!!! Pairat and Chula

  • Lindsay Clark (Banned)
    Lindsay Clark 2690 days ago

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and swift feedback! It's cool to hear you like those images Isaac Forsland because I often sense the ones I like and the ones that affect others are not always the same. Those are all moments I felt inexplicably compelled to capture because of their shapes and colors, even though the framing makes them a bit abstract and without context.

    Nick Martino 2687 days ago

    Wow!! Loved this Lindsay great work and great idea. I am so glad you will be able to take your global travels and share them with your local community at home. Keep doing what you do!